Rasing Money for the Reunion

I would welcome comments on how we can make money for the reunion association. At our reunion this year, we decided that everyone should try to bring a small gift to raffel to raise money. Any ideas you have would be welcome.

Sea Stories

One of the things I love about the Gurke reunions is listening to the sea stories. The first reunion I attended was at Rhode Island and I loved listening to the WW2 vets. Now I am impressed with the Korean Vets stories. However, there were many Vietnam Vets that could tell a good sea story with how they did the river boat tours off of the Gurke and dealt with  a lot of adversity that you wouldn’t think Navy personnel would have to deal with. I think we need to give more credit to those folks for giving their all.

Shipmate Issues

Most health issues relate to questions dealing with Asbestos exposure, Agent Orange encountered during Vietnam or radiation exposure encountered during Nuclear testing at the Christmas Islands. Additional issues may be encountered while dealing with the VA. Check out  www.vets.yuku.com  it is a great web site that lets you ask other vets questions on problems with VA claims.