Rasing Money for the Reunion

I would welcome comments on how we can make money for the reunion association. At our reunion this year, we decided that everyone should try to bring a small gift to raffel to raise money. Any ideas you have would be welcome.

3 thoughts on “Rasing Money for the Reunion

  1. As a lifetime member I would like to suggest that we stop giving money to the Tin Can Sailors Association,which has a big enough membership to sustain themselves. Who do you think pays for the T.C.S. officers conventions and so on. It is ridiculous. If we are going to give our money away,give it to those who really need it. I have noticed that the U.S.S.Gurke Reunions treasury is down and needs replenishing,we sure are not going to get it through new members. This is just me voicing my opinion.
    Bob Evans 1953-1956

  2. I am writing the family (military) history of six brothers. Frank Medosch (deceased) was on the USS Gurke during the 1950-53 years. I would like permission to print the USS Gurke historical information and the years when Frank served on the Gurke. Please confirm to email. Thank you. Danna

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