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One of the things I love about the Gurke reunions is listening to the sea stories. The first reunion I attended was at Rhode Island and I loved listening to the WW2 vets. Now I am impressed with the Korean Vets stories. However, there were many Vietnam Vets that could tell a good sea story with how they did the river boat tours off of the Gurke and dealt with  a lot of adversity that you wouldn’t think Navy personnel would have to deal with. I think we need to give more credit to those folks for giving their all.

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  1. There was the one time we pulled into Hong Kong and we were sitting on the fan tail and watched the body floating down the river I do belive it was the 1966 tour

  2. Here is an interesting radio broadcast from the early days of the Korean war describing the heroic actions of the Sitting Ducks of Wolmi-Do in Sep, 1950, an action which the USS Gurke was a participant. This was an instrumental action necessary to facilitate McArthur’s landing at Inchon. Enjoy!


  3. Gents,
    I had a great conversation at my local barber shop with a fellow crewmate of yours named GW Sprayberry (USS Gurke May 64-Oct 66). He gave our barber a coin with the POW and Purple Heart medal on it. He told me that while he was stationed on the USS Gurke that they sent him TAD to be with the Marines in Chu Lai as a radio operator and was taken prisoner. Guess the ROK’s saved him and got him back to the Marines.
    Just wondering if anyone remembers GW Sprayberry during that timeframe? I would think that a sailor taken prisoner would have made news or a footnote in the Ships history. He says he is a retired Chief and enjoys a spot in the goat locker on NAS JRB Fort Worth. Any clarification would be awesome. You can reach me at
    Semper Fi,

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